Roman Republic Music

Here’s a tune that came out of
a late night cab ride. It sounds
big bandsy to me, but would
probably work on piano.

The addition of any horns
would be welcome. I sit
here coyly, twirling

These are the voices of
dead Roman nobles, called
out of their suspension as
“shades” and asked to give
an account of their great

The arrangement is rather
prosiac, but this is one where
I would need a good horn band
to do justice. Far better, in the
absence of such riches to keep
it simple

It’s called “Put Away the Kings”
referring to an obsession the
Ancient Romans share with the
Americans — an implacable
repulsion to monarchy or
anything that smells halfway
like it.

This is a song celebrating the
exploits of those great men.
I’m replacing the word “regal”
in the second verse with the
word “noble”.

What kind of movie? I would love
to hear this song in a gangster
movie. Anything that has to do
with a challenge to the power
structure…it would be killer.

Here ’tis:
(The Men Who) Put Away the Kings

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