Break your heart….(I want to)

August 12, 2008

Gentle reader:

I love cruel songs. Don’t you?

I like indifferent songs…where
the singers says, “I am self sufficient”.

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She’s 30 Now

July 31, 2008

A friend of mine is turning
thirty today. Her name
is Ghazal. She is a Persian
Poet. Among the many
thousands of Persian Poets
I’ve met, she is the only
one turning 30 today.

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Roman Republican Musical Music

June 20, 2008

So, apparently nobody knows
what the music during the late
Roman Republic sounded like.

They speculate that it was probably
single note stuff, no harmony.

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Wacky Game Show Theme

June 9, 2008

This is a tribute to Wink Martindale.

I had this tune in my head for years. It
was my daffy send up to the unlikely,
concocted emotions you’d witness
in a television game show.

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Withal My Heart

May 28, 2008

Gentle Reader:

For years I walked around
singing, “With all my heart,
with all my soul”, and I
thought there must be a
zillion songs with these words.

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Chords Ain’t Songs

May 8, 2008

Ever hear of Johnny One Note?

That’s me!

I keep on making the case that
songs, and more particularly,
melodies live independent of
the chords that accompany them.

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Here’s the video

May 7, 2008

One thing I forgot to mention about this song is that a couple of
the Barenaked Ladies have been performing it on and off
for years.

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This is the Sound of My Voice

April 30, 2008

This is a tune I pulled out of my
throat clearing sound one time when
I encountered a girl who wanted
to sing but was imprisoned in
some strange and common

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Who Else Should Be Singing This Song?

April 19, 2008

Swing Tune — Haunted By The Memory

April 15, 2008


I mentioned a song called ‘Haunted by
the Memory’ in a recent post. It is a
big bandish song.

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