Lies, all lies about Tom St. Louis

Here are a few of the nice things people have said about me:

“You’re really something. I mean, when I first saw this
[Concert Series] I thought, ‘This guy must be a little
wacky’, but I think you may be a genius.”

Peter Gzowski, CBC Morningside

Songs to laugh to, songs to cry to…wonderful, unique,
contemporary music made by the best people to
create it

Gale Zoë Garnett
Grammy Award winning singer, writer

The most unique artist I’ve heard in many a year
Hank Medress
EMI Canada Publishing past president

Your music is part of my soul. I consider it incredibly
different. You placed a mirror in front of me and made
me stare back at myself
Peter Henderson
CMVA and Peoples Choice Award winning video director

His singing and instrumental expertise are quite
unique and original, and I highly value the various
recordings of his I have acquired over the years

Al Kooper

Inspirational compositions
Toronto Sun

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