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Wake up Wake up Little Maggie…

July 20, 2009

Wake up Wake up Little Tommy, erm, I mean Maggie

So I’m making a record. Do people still say that?

I’m rounding up a few pals and going into the Rogue
next Monday, July 27 for a one day hot-off-the-floor
session just like Sonny Boy Williamson would do.
We’re working with Chris Banks on stand up bass
and Cleave Anderson on drums. Bob Wiseman
will be dropping in for a couple of tunes on piano
and Peter Hagele as well. And, Zoe Garnett might
lay down a vocal on the tune “Dark as a Dungeon”.

The repertoire for this set of songs is pretty heavy
on the folk, blue, roots and soul side…with a
heavy dollop of bluegrass. I have been into bluegrass
since the 70’s long before it was cool then uncool
and then cool again again.

The name of the record is “Little Maggie”. I’ll let
you know how it goes…