Break your heart….(I want to)

Gentle reader:

I love cruel songs. Don’t you?

I like indifferent songs…where
the singers says, “I am self sufficient”.

But I LOVE cruel songs.

I wrote a blues song once, which I have not
yet blogged about. It’s subtitled ‘Bastard Blues’.

It’s the sad, or perhaps just fun story
of a guy seducing another guy’s girlfriend
and then immediately dumping her
right after the act.

What’s the matter with me — I love that!
Maybe it’s the ingrained perversity of
my personality. More likely it’s relief at
not having to hear another ‘My Baby Left
Me’ tune.

Blues can be boring — can we just admit

Besides, we all have enough time and
opportunity out there in life to get our
asses kicked. It’s good to have a safe place
of unassailable strength. If life gives you
lemons, write “Lemon Tree”.

Or as my pal Chris Warren once did,
a girl named MaryLou dumped him and
so he wrote the song, “Oh Mary Lou
why did I refuse you?” (She went on
to become a famousish novelist.)

Songwriting, the great leveler!

In love, you can be the beloved or the lover.
When it ends, you can be the dumper or the
dumpee. Isn’t it better to be the dumper?

A girl I used to go out with got so mad when I
one day suddenly said to her, “I see beyond this
deal. This is a Temporary Situation”. She
had wanted to play it as though there
was a “Long Term Possibility”, and my
comment enraged her. I didn’t think
I was busting up with her. I thought
I was informing her of my perspective.

She was mad! Not so much because
I was ending it but that she’d missed the
chance to do it herself, because she was
unsure too! Oh boo hoo!

I tried hard not to smirk as she bashed
things around the apartment, and then
cried, crying, “I’m NOT crying!”

This leads me to the current song we are
standing at the brink of the exploration of, he said,
enraging English teachers everywhere. This is a
cruel and heartless little ditty, called “Break
Your Heart”. It’s all about a guy who is
dumping a chick Just Because.

“Better you than me” is the basic gist of the piece.

This is another song with no standard
accompaniment, just Davie Gould on bongo.
It would be straightforward enough on guitar
or piano. I would rather three or four voices,
but you’ll get a good idea from the little
clip below.

Break Your Heart

What kind of movie I hear you asking? Probably
a comedy, a romantic comedy. All you romantic
comedy writers and directors sitting up and
listening closely?

Here is your song.


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2 Responses to “Break your heart….(I want to)”

  1. Marek Bage Says:

    Romantic Comedy?? Oh Gawd!!
    Are we talking one of the Cohen brothers type thing? Or something along the lines of “Juno”? Please don’t tell us that you’re thinking of something involving Hugh Grant!!

    Aim a bit higher dude. “Break your Heart’ is about as romantic comedy as Gordon Lightfoot’s “That’s What you get for Lovin’ Me”!

    I can see your song dovetailing nicely with such a film as “Lost in Translation” or anything else with a serious Bill Murray performance.

  2. getmysonginamovie Says:

    “Got a hundred more like you…I’ll have a thousand ‘fore I’m through”

    I’ve got a good Gordon Lightfoot story or two..

    I suppose my cojones will be tested when
    somebody attached to schlocky RomCom
    asks me for a song.

    Nope! I’m holding out for something
    more nuanced…!

    I have INTEGRITY!!!!

    To quote Leonard Cohen, “Um, my
    integrity is pretty intact…give me
    some commercial success already”.

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