She’s 30 Now

A friend of mine is turning
thirty today. Her name
is Ghazal. She is a Persian
Poet. Among the many
thousands of Persian Poets
I’ve met, she is the only
one turning 30 today.

The song was written, erm
a few years ago. I was in
a profound spell of agonizing
about my life.

Just to inject a bit of perspective,
Plutarch reports that Gaius
Julius Caesar, at age 21 was caught
crying by friends.

When asked what the deal was,
he blurted out that Alexander by
age twenty-one had conquered
most of the known world. And
Caesar, by comparison had
done so little…besides
defying Sulla, rounding up a
bunch of pirates off the coast of
Pharmacussa and having them
crucified, winning the oak crown
for bravery in battle which would
require all Senators at any public
even for the rest of his life to stand
and applaud him — and a few
other little dismissible bits
like being named Flamen
Dialis, a Priest of the Roman
religion at age fifteen.

But there was I, a young turk
living in a permanent state
of aggrieved befuddlement,
occasionally getting out there
and producing musical events
and much of the rest of the
time bloviating about spirituality
in caf├ęs to the amusement of
nubile girls or obsessively
debating philosophy with
friends in eighteen page letters.

It is admittedly laughable, but
don’t we all have those moments
when we lose all sense of decorum,
self-respect, self-restraint, taste…
and we bleat, “I have nothing!”
“I am nothing!”

Al Kooper said of this song, “This
is the self pityingest song I’ve ever
heard. And the line about your brother
Hughie…doesn’t that make him Hughie
St. Louis?”

Yeah, what of it?

My friend Chris Warren, occasionally
accused of being the finest lyricist
in Canada always liked the line:

“I met a girl.
She loved me like I dreamed
someday somebody would.”

And the follow up line.

“And I turned away. As if perhaps
the next one would be twice as good.”

All true!

This song was my “confessional moment”
when I admitted out loud that I didn’t know
which end is up. I was losing my illusions
and standing in the cold wind of destiny!

So dang poignant.

Anyway, no worries. I’ve had plenty of
time to assemble and concoct new
illusions, better illusions.

But would this song be good in a movie?

Heck yeah!

Even the guitar and drum outro
would be killer against the closing
credits of any film. Especially
one of those bleak, dark, I would
say dystopic but that word has
been beaten to death and needs
a good decade to recover its essence
which has been sucked out by dimwits

The ‘Fat City’ of our time needs
this song. Any coming of age
flick…and, of course, never
forget the ol’ stick the song
in somewhere just because.
If you need a song to stick
in there somewhere, I nominate
this one. It even has a clever
little pun in the title. Didja
catch it?

Those of us with advanced
writing and editing chops
(cough cough) know that
– 30 – in press release or
story indicates that it’s
all over. And that’s how
I felt at the time.

So, if you are sitting
there in your chair, fat and smug
and consuming media…send a
link to the true auteurs of your

And Ghazal, happy birthday!

I thought you were 23.

This is the song 30 Now

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