Wacky Game Show Theme

This is a tribute to Wink Martindale.

I had this tune in my head for years. It
was my daffy send up to the unlikely,
concocted emotions you’d witness
in a television game show.

You know, where people jump up and down
on cue and hug Bob Barker’s neck even though
they know full well that the refrigerator
they just won will cost an arm and a leg in
taxes but hopefully they’ll get into the
showcase round and have a shot at the

I was doing a concert for brass and I was
a few tunes short.

I had a brainwave…why not resurrect…or
is that excavate this tune from the recesses
of my skull. I’ll admit that it’s a rough
performance — very rough — but when did
that ever stop me?

The roughness is due in part to the fact that we
were a drastically underrehearsed orchestra
composed in the main of students doing me
a favour and not feeling constrained to learn
their parts.

And, my only copy of this particular
live performance at a bar in Toronto got chewed
up in the decks at CIUT radio in Toronto, where I
moronically handed it to the guy in the booth
to accompany an interview with Cindy Matthews
of The Cameron House.

So, what movie? Or, what kind of movie?

There are two categories for songs in movies..
the thematically apt and the random. Within
thematically apt, you have moods matching, and
you also have words matching themes or underscoring
things going on on the screen.

So, obviously, A New Car could accompany a scene of
someone getting ready to buy, you guessed, a new
car….Borat had a fun car buying scene.

It could also be used to denote crass commercialism
or tacky conformity.

Or, of course it could be inserted out of total randomness
or whimsy. In any case, get my song in a movie already.

A New Car!

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2 Responses to “Wacky Game Show Theme”

  1. Chris Crotty Says:

    I love this tune! Makes me want to buy a new car! Or even a new used car…ya man, get this song in a movie!

  2. getmysonginamovie Says:

    greetings, gentle thane.


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