Withal My Heart

Gentle Reader:

For years I walked around
singing, “With all my heart,
with all my soul”, and I
thought there must be a
zillion songs with these words.

Will I get sued?

Funny, in the post Google world
you can see how many or
few references there are for
search terms. Sometimes,
it’s surprising.

For instance, a recent post was
called ‘Blue Eyed Lady’. That’s
a common enough phrase, isn’t
it? Well, my post was immediately
number 4 on Google.

Anyway, I digress. Here’s a sweet
little ditty that grew up to be a novel
disguised as a 6/8 Fats Domino-ish
soulful bray.

The story I appended to the chorus
has a tinge of autobiography to it.

The singer is apologetic about how
he was a shit in the relationship.

I think I was fantasizing, quite frankly,
about the “other” making such an
apology to me. Ha!

I even made up stuff about the
neglectful guy who hurts the woman
and then apologizes.

“You gave me so much girl,
and I made you pay”.

(Can I just say here that
the song ‘You Were Always
On My Mind’ is the saddest and
lamest thing I have ever heard
in my life. That Elvis or Willie
Nelson could ever with a straight
face make such a confession to a
woman without getting whacked
with a frying pan is beyond me!

What is he saying…I neglected you,
I ran around…I didn’t honour you,
I didn’t keep my promises…I didn’t
“love” you…meaning didn’t do the
nasty or the lovely as the case may be…

but I was thinking about you!!!

All the time! Okay?

And women are touched by this!)

Anyway this tune is my grudging
contribution to that sad and sorry
little sub-genre.

Note in my characteristic everything
in one take demo styling that the
piano is four handed. I can’t play
those cool riffs while maintaining
the Fats Domino left hand.

I confess.

And I tried to get slightly Mills
Brothers-ish backups and half
succeeded. The trick, I suppose
is to have multiple singing personas
otherwise the backups sound like
the same person singing three
or four parts.

All right. Enough of the recriminations
and breast beatings. What kind of
movie should host this song?

Hmmmm, well Sydney Pollack
died, so he can’t use it. I’ve been
noticing that sometimes songs
are chosen to tightly reflect
the scene they accompany. And
other times they are chosen
for contrast or for “feel”. Sometimes
the lyric is supposed to connect
thematically to what the characters
are going through.

Other times it’s a complete mismatch.

I watched two movies on television
the other night. “The General’s
Daughter” and “In the Line of Fire”.

I noticed which songs were selected.

I particularly noticed that the two
songs which accompanied the
credits of ‘In the Line of Fire’ had
diddly to do with anything, so I
offer to Hollywood this song for
anything at all.

How about a movie about the
stock market? Or about daring
aviators at the time of Wilbur
and Orville. It can’t be about
someone saying what the song
is saying, can it?

And the song is saying,
“Before I go I want you to know
that I loved you all the way”.

Meanwhile, here’s the ditty.

Forgive me the Elvis bits.

And notice the kewl blues
riff at the end. Yessa, he
can still twing!

Withal My Heart

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