This is the Sound of My Voice

This is a tune I pulled out of my
throat clearing sound one time when
I encountered a girl who wanted
to sing but was imprisoned in
some strange and common

Pretty much all the stuff you’d
expect from a girl who sang in
a church choir and in a few
talent shows.

She would sing a little lift
before every second or third

Anyway, I tried describing to
her a style of singing that was
not really a style. Just pretending
to be the world’s first flute.

Letting notes roll out, simple and
unaffected and with no attempt to
colour them or spice them up in
any way.

It wasn’t working. So I said, “How
about a song called, “This is the
sound of my voice?” And wrote
a verse and a chorus right then
and there.

Nothing like having a compelling
reason to write something.

I have performed it with ‘The Angels of
Montenegro’, with Erica Buss on lead
vocal. I have another version with
Mia Sheard singing the lead vocal.

My fantasy is to hear Alison Kraus
sing it. She’s got the purity thing
down pat.

For a movie…hmmm…the obvious
choice would be a young girl coming
of age movie.

Another choice would be a purely
conceptual connection…where the
theme of the movie had to do with
authenticity, or big, consequential
choices or an artist’s quest.

One friend suggested that I had
captured a woman’s point of view.
It was a nice compliment.

Here it is:

(This is the Sound of) My Voice

2 Responses to “This is the Sound of My Voice”

  1. marni Says:

    Your voice is so calming and honest. I love it.

  2. cd Says:

    hey you
    great to hear your voice again
    certainly remember the creation of that song.

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