Swing Tune — Haunted By The Memory


I mentioned a song called ‘Haunted by
the Memory’ in a recent post. It is a
big bandish song.

It is below.

I also have a different big bandish or swing tune that
I’m developing for my Roman Republic musical. They
both fell on my head. One I just rolled with,
the other I’m deploying for my own devious ends.

There’s a funny thing about memory…and about
inspiration. Songs are like taffy. They start out
very flexible, but once they set, they’re difficult
or impossible to soften up and modify without feeling
as though you are performing an amputation.

The first song — Haunted By A Memory —
was literally received complete with full
orchestration. Unlike many of my received songs
I was singing it and not Frank Sinatra or Tony
Bennett. And it was me conducting the orchestra
in my mind.

I added strings, tweaked the horns, wrote down
the words — there are only a few — and now it
is pretty well cast in granite in my mind.

Now, if I was a chicky chacky songwriter, or if I was
one of those folks who can’t wait to get into the
studio to DO something TO or WITH the song they’ve
just written, I would no doubt have modified it and
tweaked it and re-purposed it for a clever objective.

For an obnoxious blowhard, I can be incredibly timid,
humble and circumspect when it comes to receiving
songs. I’m here with my begging bowl waiting for
further instructions.

But then I have this OTHER perfectly lovely big band tune,
that I wasn’t sure I had not ripped off somehow
unconsciously from a Dorsey Brother or Artie Shaw.
I played it for someone who would know and they didn’t
recognize it.


So, the other night I was in the back of a car on the way
home from a crazy night in a club — King Kong Girio’s 40ieth
Birthday Bash and I extemporized — like made up, like —
a verse to it from the perspective of the people of the
late Roman Republic communicating directly to the people
of North America through a live musical in a Broadway

I felt cheeky. Almost as though I had NO RIGHT to make
of it whatever I wanted to make of it. Probably sounds
incredibly precious, but there you have it. I’m an inspiration
piggie through and through. One of the pretentious bastards
who consider themselves to be the ‘Lord’s Secretary’.

Of myself I can do nothing and all that.

So maybe this tune — Haunted By The Memory —
existed complete up there in the ethers somewhere,
and I pulled it down like a tight spiral dropping
into the corner of the gridiron just outside the end zone
where the tight end’s hands reach and reach, and,
incredibly, snag it at the last second, just before
it hits the dirt, while the crowd shares an astonished
sharp intake of air, as the tight end rolls into the end zone
and teammates pile on in an ecstatic frenzy.

Tchyeah! Maybe it was just like that…but with
songwriting it’s more of a solo sport.

Or just maybe my head is so far up my own you know
what that I should just shut up, grab a guitar and try some
strumming patterns and see what jumps out. Or go
back to unloading trucks perhaps.

What kind of movie is this song made for? Gosh,
that’s easy. Any one of those movies with a big
ballroom scene from WWII. It could also play on
a radio or phonograph in the background while a
scene, perhaps a flashback, is being shown,
establishing character or setting.

Or, a young guy and a girl are in their car, and
pull over to the side of the road to look up
at the stars and hold each other. They leave the
lights on — why do people in movies always leave
the car lights on? — and stand there together while
the song plays softly on their car radio…

Ah well…I have a wacky theory about songs that I will
eventually lay out for public scorn and derision. And
soon enough I will play you that newish big band song
with a late Roman Republic twist…

But for now enjoy Haunted by the Memory.

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8 Responses to “Swing Tune — Haunted By The Memory”

  1. Tad Says:

    great little ditty dude. i’d love to hear it put to music.

  2. flaky girl Says:

    maybe I could use it in a movie I am planning to make…

  3. getmysonginamovie Says:

    Is this Stephen Spielberg? Jonathan Demme? Orson Welles?

    C’mon, dude…pull off the mask and reveal yourself!!!!

  4. Lorenzo D. Policelli Says:

    can’t find the link to the song… is the link dead?

  5. getmysonginamovie Says:

    Hi Lorenzo:

    It’s the movie. Can you not see it?

    I actually sit there like a bobo and sing the
    thing on camera.


  6. flaky girl Says:

    Xander thinks I should sing it!!!and it should be in the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

  7. Gadi Says:

    This sure is fun but also goes deep into your process.
    I don’t know how the film industry finds music, maybe send your link
    to a list of people that count (Quirky?, Period pieces) and see what happens.
    If I think of anything else I’ll email you.

  8. линкомаулия Says:

    Ты как обычно радуешь нас своими лучшими фразами спасибо, беру!

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