The New York Times Now Has a Songwriter’s Blog

I’ve read every post.

I’m not a big fan of the New York Times’ politics, but
their songwriting blog is first rate. There are four
bloggers who are all accomplished songwriters.

Andrew Bird I found particularly articulate and thoughtful.
His songs aren’t bad either. Yes, you can read and then
listen. And then there are 100 very thoughtful…just
amazing posts by songwriters from all over hell’s
half acre. I submitted a comment but didn’t make
it through the editing and moderating gauntlet.


Darrell Brown, who has written a lot of songs that
have gone on to be hits, talks about honesty, humanity
and hooks. I’m a little doubtful about his take on honesty,
but he knows hooks. I wonder if I should send him a
comment about what the blue eyed crazy lady taught
me about hooks.

Rosanne Cash has always been a standout lyricist. And
her pop changed my world in one line…. “I shot a man
in Reno just to watch him die”. The world wobbled the
first time I heard that and it’s never gone back since.

She confesses that she has not written a song in a
year. And she talks about the loss of her friend John
Stewart, her brain surgery (and I think I have problems)
and how it has affected her.

I wonder if she reads the comments? And I wonder if
the moderators would allow me to send her a link to
a song I wrote a song recently, tentatively titled
‘Lonesome Baby Blue’. Johnny Cash is mentioned
by name along with Hank Williams and Elvis.

And the Johnny Cash song title ‘Cry Cry Cry’ is
mentioned in passing.

Suzanne Vega is very forthright about her current
songwriting travails. But she warns not to use
her ideas or she’ll track you down.

And she talks about ‘Second Life’ a 3D world she
participates in. First I heard of it. I’ll probably
be neck deep next week.

Check it out.

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