Good Man Gone (Bastard Blues)

This is a tune that was inspired by the ‘Muddy
Waters: Folk Singer’ record.

I was listening to it day and night…
you know…the ol’ leave the arm of
the phonograph up so the LP
plays ceaselessly. I found that was a
good way to get music into my
marrow. I’ve listened to a stack
of Al Jolson 78s for a summer.

I listened to Billie Holliday all night
for a year.

And I listened to Segovia more than
anyone. All day all night.

Last year I listened to ‘Lazy Bones’
by Hoagy Carmichael about 700
times. Back to ‘Good Man Gone’.

I woke up from a dream one morning.
In the dream, Muddy Waters was
accompanying himself
on acoustic guitar with Willie
Dixon on string bass. He was
playing this song for me.

I checked the record and
discovered it wasn’t there.
Very cheekily, I claim to
have written it.

I call it ‘Good Man Gone’.

It’s the story of a seduction.

As mentioned before, my general
principle in songs of sadness and
hurt is that the other person should
be the one doing all the suffering. I
would rather bestow a fate of woe
upon another than get into
kvetching about my life in a song.

(I wrote one of the all time self-pitying
mewling indulgoramas in 1990. It’s
called ‘I’m 30 Now’. Leave that for later.)

This recording was from a club
gig somewhere. It might be ‘Ultrasound
Showbar’. I’m not sure. It’s in the later
days of ‘The Angels of Montenegro’, I

I got Steve and Erica to sing a close harmony
creating a minor 9 chord which is also a minor
7. Somebody tell me what’s that called..

And I did some guitar noodling.

And a little bit of talkie intro….including
the story of an encounter with Sonny Terry
at ‘The Risin’ Sun’ in Montreal in the 70s.

So here it is, like:


What kind of movie could this be in? How about
a romantic comedy featuring a club scene. Feature
a verse or two.

That film, ‘So I Married an Axe Murderer’ has a ginchy
club scene.

Another kind of movie that I would it to be part of
is a prison flick. Heck, I don’t know. If you’re making
a movie, I can arrange this song about 19 different
ways or create a new one. But, I can hear this
song in a movie. Can you?

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