Get This Song in a Movie, Fast

Pal Darcy Got Married.

A year later it was time for a gift.

It’s supposed to be paper, for the first
anniversary, but I thought that zeros and
ones would be good too.

Sidebar: One week on Saturday Night Live
they announced that the father of binary code
had died, and they mentioned him by name.
Then she quipped, because I think it was Tina
Fey, that he was soon to be reunited with his
loved ones…..and zeros.

Okay, where was I?

Oh yes, pal Darcy married the beautiful
Melissa. I had written a song for them called
‘Woman You Please Me’. It was intended to
be almost cavemannish in its tone. I thought
the words were funny but nobody laughed
when I performed it at the wedding.

They were in the mode to perceive everything
as touching, I suppose. The reason
a cavemannish song seemed like a funny
possibility is that Melissa is the last woman
you’d expect to end up with a caveman.

And pal Darcy is no caveman.

He’s an excellent tennis player…which is not
exactly the sport for Mike Ditka, and he’s also
a watercolor painter of some repute. Hennyway,
a year went by, and a tough year it was with
the death of Darcy’s brother and Darcy’s best
friend Keith’s father.

I wanted to make something fun and upbeat
so I made a movie of the song with images
from the wedding punctuating the lyric.

There was a girl at the wedding who was very
fetching. Her name is Sophie. She works in
advertising in Montreal. I had not noticed her
at all when I was in attendance at the wedding
which is quite a feat because, as you will see,
she’s gorgeous.

Or, maybe the photo is a freak of light and
she does not look anything like that. In any case,
I featured her heavily in the video and got flack
from Melissa through Darcy. She was afraid I
would sic my evil self on poor unsuspecting

Alack and alas, no animals were harmed in
the making of this motion picture and no
cavemen were injured either. It’s called ‘Woman
You Please Me’

So why should this one be in a movie? Catchy
little tune? Someone is making movie about a
guy and a girl? Heck if anyone ever makes a
film about a guy and a girl this song is a shoo

2 Responses to “Get This Song in a Movie, Fast”

  1. Joanna Says:

    I love this. What a great looking couple, they seem so happy! What a perfect gift. Nice job Tom.

  2. getmysonginamovie Says:

    Thanks, Joanna.

    Did you catch the look on the preacher’s face?

    She was more ecstatic than the couple….

    ….if that were possible.

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