Um, Get My Song in a Movie

Our next selection is called “L’Ange de Paree”.

I’m very proud of this tune. When I was younger I had difficulty
catching a tune in its entirety. I would get bits and would then
have to fill in the blanks. I always wanted to capture a complete
and original melody. But never quite succeeded. I would get
parts of it…and be very excited and inspired…but my mind
would, in a flash, fill in the blanks with some more pedestrian
that what I had originally heard. And then the full melody would
be lost forever.

After having this experience many times, I learned to notice
when a tune was coming. And I learned to block everything
else out of my awareness and really listen and HEAR. This
tune was a breakthrough for me, because I heard it so
clearly, with a full arrangement, the first time I encountered

It seems to evoke the feeling of Paris, hence the
name. It came to me two days after I walked thirty plus
miles in one day for the first time.

I had been blissfully exhausted the night before. I had
walked from 6:45 AM until 8:30 PM with a ninety minute
break for lunch. I was so tired that when I looked out the
door of my just arranged and paid for room for the night
at the restaurant about 50 yards away…

…I was in a serious quandery.

I was thirsty and hungry and badly in need of comfort.
But I seriously questioned my willingness to walk even
another fifty yards.

That’s tired! I finally decided that food was important
and sat and watched the sun fall into the sea while
drinking retsina and choriatiki salad and other

So, now it’s the day after the day after. I’m feeling pretty
full of myself, and look on the map at a town about thirteen
miles away. I thought, “Ha! Thirteen miles… for a walking

machine like me, that’s nothing!” So, I set out arrogantly with
little thought of any challenges the trail might pose. To my s
urprise, the day was a steady menu of mountain climbing, or,
more accurately, rock hill climbing.

To climb almost straight up or down, again and again as I
moved from peak to peak, interspersed with steady ascents,
precipitous rises and falls, stops doubled over, gasping for air.

And that’s back in the days when I was in pretty good shape.
I was utterly lost and completely exhausted when I met a
German dude named Eric. He helped me get to the next town,
where I poured two litres of fresh squeezed orange juice down
my throat in about three minutes.

But, while all this was happening, as I was walking into
town, I heard this tune in my mind. And, unlike in earlier
times, when I might not catch the whole melody, this tune
I caught in its entirety — every note

This is the Angels of Montenegro performing it live at a
bar in Toronto, circa 1994.

That’s Simone Desilets on cello, and Sarah McElcheran
on trumpet; Steve Haflidson on guitar; Erica Buss on
percussion, myself on “melodica”, the little keyboard
you blow into. I always called it my mouth organ. Oh
yes, and Darcy McFadyen on French Horn.


One Response to “Um, Get My Song in a Movie”

  1. Fabitosi Says:

    J’aDORRRRRRRRRE l,ange de Paree, it is simply pure and perfect!

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