Get My Song in a Movie…

I’ve got a song to play for you.

It’s called “Break Your Heart”. It has been a
commitment of long standing in my songwriting
career that if anyone is going to be sad and lonely
and busted up and hurt, it’s going to be the other
person and not me!

I wrote a blues song called “I’m Happy”, and
another called “Good Man Gone”, subtitled
“Bastard Blues” about a devastating seduction
that left a poor woman kicked to the
metaphorical kerb.

All in good fun.

So here’s a song in which I tried to
combine two qualities: mellifluity and cruelty.

Let me know if you think I have succeeded.

And put my song in your movie. And if you
are not making a movie, don’t just
sit there mouth breathing…tell the person
you know who is making a movie all about
this song.


Here it is:break your heart:

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