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Um, Get My Song in a Movie

February 25, 2008

Our next selection is called “L’Ange de Paree”.

I’m very proud of this tune. When I was younger I had difficulty
catching a tune in its entirety. I would get bits and would then
have to fill in the blanks. I always wanted to capture a complete
and original melody. But never quite succeeded. I would get
parts of it…and be very excited and inspired…but my mind
would, in a flash, fill in the blanks with some more pedestrian
that what I had originally heard. And then the full melody would
be lost forever.


Get My Song in a Movie…

February 19, 2008

I’ve got a song to play for you.

It’s called “Break Your Heart”. It has been a
commitment of long standing in my songwriting
career that if anyone is going to be sad and lonely
and busted up and hurt, it’s going to be the other
person and not me!